Recruitment. Amplified.

Save your time and efforts in the hiring journey.


Tired of yet another unsuccessful recruitment?

Amployed is a unique system designed to speed up the recruitment process. No more stacks of sloppy CVs. We will help you find the perfect employee for your company.

Determine your needs, the benefits you can offer and leave the rest to the matching system.

Thanks to our unique algorithm, you will get only candidates matching your search criteria.
Public and Private campaigns
Make your offer public or just search among our employees database.
100% Free
Everything’s free. Creating campaigns, seeking for candidates, management of the recruitment process.

Looking for a new hire? Amployed to the rescue.

Amployed is not just another ordinary job board.

Four simple steps separate you from a new dimension of recruitment.

Step 1

Create an account on a site in your industry

It's easy. It's quick. It's free.

Fill in the basic data and voilà! Creating an account will not take you more than a minute.

Step 2

Start your first campaign

Fill in the offer details carefully and specify requirements you expect from the candidate.

Your campaign may be public or private. Regardless of your choice, our algorithm will find the best professionals among thousands of specialists around the world.

Step 3

Wait for the results

Everything’s in one place. Kick back, relax and watch the applications flow in.

Focus on the final verification of the best candidates, but we'll find them for you. Plain application summaries, sorted by highest match value, manage recruitment status.

Step 4

Contact the candidate

Browse the list of the most promising employees selected by our system. Pick the best ones and invite them for an interview.


Amployed vs other services

During the development of our system we tried to combine all the best available solutions on the market. The functionality of a traditional job board built around a narrow community. It enables you to discover what employees in your industry have to offer.



How can the system help you during the recruitment process?

See how and why you should trust Amployed.


Create a campaign

Specify your requirements and tell us what you offer - it will only take 5 minutes!


System processing

Our unique algorithm will search the entire database of candidates in your branch, filter out those that don’t meet the requirements and above the budget.


Choose the best

The matching value will indicate the most suitable candidates to your campaign. It will save your time reading through thousands of applications.


Do you need help anyway?

That's okay, if it still seems too difficult.

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